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Welcome to the amazing life of colour and style. I am excited to welcome you to my website. My name is Leisa Smith and I am a Colour, Image and Style Consultant, fully qualified with Colour me Beautiful.

I have always been fascinated by the way people express themselves through their own style - their choice of clothing make-up accessories, and hair style and colour. I’m very passionate about helping people feel amazing. After having my little boy, I was left feeling lost with who I was as a person which impacted on my confidence, particularly in knowing what to wear and what suited the more mature me. I gave up and wore leggings and stayed at home! After many conversations at the school gate, I began to realise that many women felt the same way. So now my mission is to help as many people feel utterly amazing. I am passionate about helping people feel better about themselves and really strive on creating a friendly environment where you will feel at ease and relaxed.

I absolutely love what I do, and I literally cannot wait to change the way you feel about colour and style, and have you swinging from the chandeliers! Overall my aim is to empower my clients with the use of colour and developing their confidence through this process.

I have over 25 years’ experience working with different clients within various industries. My previous experience included working within the fields of education services for children, particularly Children’s Centres and public sector services for children. I also have many years’ experience of project management, business training enterprise and facilities management. This work also involved being creative and advising people in corporate roles. I have managed and facilitated small and large workshops and feel there is a real need to help and advise corporate groups in the field of styling and colour.

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Formed in 1983, Colour me Beautiful is about personal confidence; they not only specialise in Colour Analysis, Body Shape and Style Consulting and personal shopping, but also offer a simply amazing range of bespoke cosmetics and skin care at sensible prices.

In previous years, many Colour Consultants categorised their clients by seasons, either Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. Not everyone’s colouring fits exactly into one of these four categories. As a result, colour wallets of clients who have been seasonally analysed might include some colours which just do not suit them and some of their ‘WOW’ colours may be missing. The world of colour analysis has moved on!

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