Feel More Confident

Duration: 90 minutes

Within this session I will ask you about your lifestyle. I will then consider your body shape, personality and budget and compile a consultation individual to you. A Style Consultation will help you select clothes and accessories that flatter you giving you confidence to shop differently.

How it works

Firstly you will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire about your ‘style personality’. This is really important in helping me determine your style before we get started. I will also discuss your body shape; you will learn how to make the most of it and look at what shapes really flatter your unique body. I will provide advice on clothing styles, different materials and fabric patterns. I will also include information on accessories, and where to shop for these items.

You will also be asked to bring something from your own clothing selection; perhaps something you like, and also something that you like but don’t wear. We will then look at these items together in the consultation and identify ways of including them into your wardrobe; perhaps wearing them in a different way, with a splash of colour from your pallet or with a special belt to add impact. I will make a note of all the tips and advice you receive, so you’ll leave your consultation with the confidence of knowing what your personal style is and how to choose the right clothes for you.

If you require further help and support I provide a personal shopping service for your needs. Whether it is to help you plan your core wardrobe, look at a capsule wardrobe or shop for a special occasion. Price £90 per hour (minimum 2 hours)

Pricing: From £185.00

Includes: A personalised workbook.

Gift vouchers available

All major Credit and Debit cards accepted.

If the booking is cancelled by you within 24 hours or you do not turn up then the deposit is non-refundable.